Definition of Lambrusco in US English:



  • 1A variety of wine grape grown in the Emilia-Romagna region of northern Italy.

    1. 1.1 A sparkling red wine made from the Lambrusco grape.
      • ‘Things have moved on from a decade ago, when Lambrusco and the very worst sort of Chianti were staples of Italian wine.’
      • ‘‘White with chicken and red with beef’ may have steered your parents safely through a torrential sea of Lambrusco and Liebfraumilch, but that just doesn't cut it anymore.’
      • ‘It's funny, but over there no one has heard of the horrible sweet Lambrusco we drink in the UK.’
      • ‘Sparkling red wines have come a long way since the days when Lambrusco rosso reigned supreme, but these gently fizzing wines still retain a slot in the annual top 100.’
      • ‘Classic tinned wines included Liebfraumilch, Hock, Lambrusco, anything sweet and feminine and not likely to taste foul after being stored in an aluminium container for several months.’
    2. 1.2 A red or white wine similar to Lambrusco produced elsewhere.
      • ‘Then, the very next morning, there's a report in the paper from a so-called health expert explaining how even a sip of Lambrusco every three weeks can be risky.’
      • ‘Valdadige, a long stretch of the Adige river, including a part of the Alto Adige and a north western chunk of the Veneto, is the DOC for predominantly a red blend of Schiava and Lambrusco and a white blend of various international varieties.’
      • ‘I wanted to purchase a crisp, dry Lambrusco, but I've been thwarted.’


Italian, literally ‘grape of the wild vine’.