Definition of Lamaism in US English:



  • The system of doctrine and observances inculcated and maintained by lamas; Tibetan Buddhism.

    • ‘Mahayana Buddhism combined with the native Tibetan religion to create a new form of Buddhism, called Lamaism.’
    • ‘The Uygurs, Huis, Uzbeks, and Kazaks are Muslims whereas the Mongolians generally believe in the Yellow sect of Lamaism.’
    • ‘The main religion is Lamaism, which is the Yellow Sect of Tibetan Buddhism.’
    • ‘We then went to The Palace of Heavenly Tranquility where sacrifices were made to the Gods of Manchos and Lamaism.’
    • ‘Chinese officials did, however, try to conciliate the nomads by promoting Tibetan Lamaism, the religion of the Mongols.’
    • ‘The Dongba culture or ancient Naxi culture combines elements of Lamaism, Buddhism and Taoism.’
    • ‘In the 16th century they were converted to Lamaism.’
    • ‘In some pastoral areas, the Ewenki believe in Lamaism, the Tibetan form of Buddhism adopted by the majority of Mongols.’
    • ‘Finally, on the 3rd of March, the group departed Hoten and on the 26th they arrived at the towns of Koyafu and nearby Oyafu, both of which are centers of Lamaism.’