Definition of lake effect snow in US English:

lake effect snow


  • Snow falling on the lee side of a lake, generated by cold dry air passing over warmer water, especially in the Great Lakes region.

    • ‘Forest staff are proud of their reputation for providing exceptional grooming and you can usually count on lake effect snow to give them something to work with.’
    • ‘The squall of lake effect snow gave us alpine-like conditions at 20 ft above sea level.’
    • ‘The smallish PB150 promises to sculpt trails from even the softest of lake effect snow.’
    • ‘Working in concert, the lake and plateau produce that wonderful weather phenomenon beloved by skiers - lake effect snow.’
    • ‘When the cold winds start bringing lake effect snow to clog my neighborhood, don't think for a second that I'm not thinking of you guys.’
    • ‘When the wind is right - right meaning blowing from the west across the length of Lake Ontario-the gigantic lake effect snow making system spits out thick squalls.’