Definition of laicization in US English:


(British laicisation)


  • See laicize

    • ‘In Los Angeles, where 12 priests have been suspended, Cardinal Roger Mahony said that any priest or deacon found to have sexually abused a minor would ‘never return to active ministry’ and should seek laicisation.’
    • ‘Church policy changed in 1980, restricting conditions for successful laicization and thereby greatly limiting the likelihood that it would be granted.’
    • ‘If Catholic schools were neither so retrograde nor different as Republicans claimed, why then were they denigrated and a policy of laicization adopted?’
    • ‘No one is arguing that abusers be placed back in ministries with children, but is expulsion and laicization always and in every instance the right response, especially for onetime offenders?’
    • ‘In some cases the bishop puts pressure on them to apply for laicization, even though they protest their innocence and ardently desire to live out their vocation as priests.’