Definition of ladylike in English:



  • Appropriate for or typical of a well-bred, decorous woman or girl.

    ‘it wasn't ladylike to be too interested in men’
    • ‘For women, the look is conservative - ladylike suits, sophisticated pantsuits, subtle dark dresses.’
    • ‘Sarah smiled and tried to thank Aunt Marcy in a meek, ladylike manner.’
    • ‘Carman smiles and claps (and they are polite, understated ladylike claps), delighted.’
    • ‘Tailoring is key for winter, the new mood is all about ladylike elegance and easy-style glamour - exactly what Marks & Spencer does best.’
    • ‘Style advisors Belinda Alexander and Gail Little - North Yorkshire's answer to Trinny and Susannah - are fans of the more ladylike looks that are already cropping up everywhere.’
    • ‘Because I am so modest and ladylike, I will use an analogy.’
    • ‘Within ten minutes I was glowing, in an elegant and ladylike way (of course) but still glowing.’
    • ‘They did this for the next three years, and each summer Anthony was amazed at how more elegant and ladylike she was becoming.’
    • ‘Romero asks Brett to marry him, but he wants her to grow out her boyish hair and behave in a more ladylike manner.’
    • ‘The role of women in sport was also problematic, as ideas about proper ladylike behaviour and the proper form of the female body conflicted with developing cults of health and energy at the turn of the century.’
    • ‘Being the wife of a politician who held so many portfolios, she never permitted any political influence but kept above in a true ladylike manner, a fact known by all in cricket circles.’
    • ‘Janet Craven, 47, who suffers from the rare genetic disorder Treacher Collins syndrome, said her new silicone ears made her feel more ladylike and less self-conscious about her appearance.’
    • ‘Kate is the epitome of ladylike elegance with poker straight posture, a svelte figure and a confident yet warm personality.’
    • ‘I don't mind, as long as you teach her some ladylike manners.’
    • ‘On the catwalk, they've teamed them with pencil skirts to complete a smart suit look that conveys better than anything the yearning for a long-overdue dose of ladylike elegance in fashion.’
    • ‘Last night, he pondered about the feelings he had for Melanie, and realized he fell in love with that stupid, smart, funny, overwhelming, easygoing and pouty ladylike weird girl.’
    • ‘Prime Minister, if I promise to be a good, ladylike girl and grow up to be a good lady, will you teach me how to read?’
    • ‘I guess she would rather I expressed myself in a more ladylike manner, or at least a little more eloquently.’
    • ‘Women still found it desirable to behave in a ladylike manner and men strove to be gentlemen.’
    • ‘So the key to wearing short shorts in a ladylike manner is to balance it out with tops with more coverage, like long sleeves, jackets and even layers.’
    • ‘It's more like a quilting bee,’ clarifies the very ladylike Liz.’
    • ‘Despite her plain clothes, she radiated a ladylike politeness and civility.’
    • ‘She did not bother to be proper and ladylike as she bounded down the stairs - Sir Marcus was two days away, and she was safe from his wrath for the time being.’
    • ‘Reneeth opens up one of the coolers, pulls out some packaged sandwiches, and sets them down in a pile at a table before devouring one herself - in a dignified, ladylike fashion, of course.’
    • ‘Elegant and ladylike were the words to describe her.’
    • ‘I am already missing mine, but the process is a little too high-maintenance for a girl who is lazy about being ladylike.’
    • ‘The American design diva, who celebrated her 62nd birthday last month, has been forced to behave by the latest trend for ladylike dressing.’
    • ‘So I just wanted to feel a bit more sophisticated and ladylike.’
    • ‘Not normally being a ladylike or dressing-up kind of gal, I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, and as we girlies all know, blokes are transformed by a suit and bow tie!’
    • ‘He deserves someone who is ladylike and can hold her tongue and knows how to behave around people of high standing.’
    • ‘Superficially, White would appear to have the upper hand, leading the ladylike Lynn away from tradition and into his raucous orbit.’
    • ‘The prim and proper ladylike look is set to be really big for autumn 2004 and winter 2005.’
    • ‘Clothes need to fit in the right places (Sienna Miller isn't ladylike - hippie chic is never going to be elegant).’
    • ‘Rudolph noted that she sliced her food in a ladylike manner and wiped her mouth daintily with her handkerchief now and then.’
    • ‘She's the shy retiring ladylike type (kind of like me).’
    • ‘Once it was unfairly expected of women that they should remain sober and ladylike while men were given whatever leeway was necessary to drink themselves under the table.’
    • ‘It hung against her body perfectly, and Cwen was suddenly reminded of her own lustful days with her husband, and how fine she looked in that gown, how refined and ladylike.’
    genteel, polite, refined, well bred, cultivated, polished, decorous, proper, correct, respectable, seemly, well mannered, cultured, sophisticated, courteous, civil, elegant, urbane, civilized, courtly, dignified, gracious
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