Definition of Lady Muck in US English:

Lady Muck


  • A haughty or pretentious woman (often as a mocking form of address).

    • ‘‘One night - I mighta been out on me front verandah - I heard him say, ‘Come on, Lady Muck, pour us a drink, I've had a hard day at the office.’’
    • ‘Kate Snell does not come on like Lady Muck but she is engaged in the same vulgar trade.’
    • ‘Well we have a question for Lady Muck, also known as Viscountess Gormanston.’
    • ‘I'm a class Lady Muck act in the passenger seat, though.’
    • ‘Other topics have been picked over as well, such as Live 8; and it seems Lady Muck over in Waltham Forest might be considering Making Geldof History.’


Lady Muck

/ˌlādē ˈmək//ˌleɪdi ˈmək/