Definition of lady's-slipper in US English:


(also lady's slipper)


  • An orchid of north temperate regions, the flower of which has a lip that is a conspicuous slipper-shaped pouch.

    Genus Cypripedium, family Orchidaceae: several species, in particular the large-pouched showy lady's-slipper (C. reginae), with bicolored (white and rose) flowers, and the pink lady's-slipper (C. acaule), with a deeply cleft dark pink or (rarely) white pouch

    • ‘It was a tiny humming bird; he was sampling the vintages from a clump of daffodils, foxglove, trillium, and lady's slipper.’
    • ‘Mr Lang, a retired veterinary surgeon, says he can still remember the thrill of seeing the lady's slipper in Yorkshire, long before it had to be heavily guarded.’
    • ‘Among the natural wonders that should be protected are stag beetles, and ramshorn snails; habitats including salt meadows and oak woods; and rare plants such as the lady's slipper orchid.’
    • ‘In early spring, the park is blanketed with wildflowers, including violets, may apples, spring beauties, and lady's slipper orchids.’
    • ‘The North American pink lady's slipper orchid flowers during the springtime flight of the queen bumblebee.’