Definition of lacy in US English:



  • Made of, resembling, or trimmed with lace.

    ‘a lacy petticoat’
    • ‘There are several lacy, underwired and padded styles that look nothing like trainer bras.’
    • ‘The foliage is lacy, and attractive even when the flowers are not in bloom.’
    • ‘It is also shifting plenty of feminine, lacy lingerie, in the kind of bright colours that go well with a sun tan.’
    • ‘The floors were scrupulously polished pine; there were gas lights on the walls and lacy curtains.’
    • ‘I chose a short lacy dress that had a flare to the skirt section, so that hopefully this would distract from my tummy.’
    • ‘My uniform consists of a short puffy black skirt with a lacy blue apron, and a creamy off-white blouse.’
    • ‘The delightful aromatic scent of delicate, lacy carnations has always captivated me.’
    • ‘Look out for Lepidium, a short herb with lacy spikes of pale pink flowers and rows of tiny oval seedpods.’
    • ‘The top was lacy with spaghetti straps and the bottom was dark red satin.’
    • ‘I wore a soft yellow skirt, a black lacy shirt, and a pair of light green rubber galoshes with daisies on them.’
    • ‘She was last seen walking along the Thames without her top, in a white lacy bra and pink floral mini skirt.’
    • ‘Those frilly, lacy hearts of different shades of red, white and pink just didn't do it for me.’
    • ‘Marietta shook her head, pulling her lacy shawl tighter around her shoulders.’
    • ‘Most women's lucky underpants are black and lacy; most men's, for some strange reason, are yellow.’
    • ‘When you have made them all put a plate on top of the plate of lacy pancakes, then turn them over so that the brown crispy side is uppermost.’
    • ‘The actual wall of the gallery has been painted on one side with an old fashioned design roller, this gives it a yellow lacy feel to it.’
    • ‘I prefer black and silky to white or lacy, and certainly am not a big fan of thongs.’
    • ‘The figure in a modest black gown and lacy apron bowed her head demurely.’
    • ‘All through elementary school she bought me frilly, lacy dresses and huge hair bows.’
    • ‘It was a lacy, pink, frilly room complete with canopy bed and a window seat.’
    ruffled, flounced, frilled, crimped, gathered, pleated, ruched, tucked, trimmed, frothy
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