Definition of lactone in US English:



  • An organic compound containing an ester group —OCO— as part of a ring.

    • ‘The effects of kava-kava come from the synergistic mechanism of its root's active ingredients, resinous compounds called kava lactones.’
    • ‘Standardized ginkgo formulas contain 24% flavonoids, and the substance, along with the other main component of ginkgo, terpene lactones, seems to keep red blood cells and platelets from forming clots.’
    • ‘Macrodiols with different thermal characteristics were prepared using ring-opening polymerization of cyclic diesters or lactones with a low molecular weight diol as an initiator.’
    • ‘Kava lactones are similar in chemical structure to a compound known as myristicin - found in nutmeg.’
    • ‘The polar head is a macrocyclic lactone ring containing nine amino acid residues, three of which have positive charges, whereas one has negative charge.’