Definition of Lacertilia in US English:


plural noun

  • A group of reptiles that comprises the lizards.

    Suborder Lacertilia (or Sauria), order Squamata

    Also called Sauria
    • ‘The Suborder Lacertilia is well represented in Georgia, with 6 families, 10 genera, and 16 species.’
    • ‘In spite of this suggestion by Moodie, most workers in this field have accepted Moodie's earlier conclusion as definite and maintained that there are no sacral ribs in Lacertilia.’
    • ‘Characteristics that distinguish Idaho Lacertilia from the group Serpentes are the presence of four limbs (there are some lizards species elsewhere that lack limbs), visible ear openings, and movable eyelids.’


Modern Latin (plural), from Latin lacerta ‘lizard’.