Definition of labored in US English:


(British laboured)


  • 1Done with great effort and difficulty.

    ‘his breathing was becoming less labored’
    • ‘In this case the symptoms will be thirst, vomiting, drowsiness, labored breathing, abdominal pain and fruity smelling breath.’
    • ‘Larry's voice came in short, labored gasps as it slowly became more difficult to breathe.’
    • ‘But his labored effort to show that it is possible to get to the Cambodian border from Vietnam via the Mekong River is a little more trouble than it's worth.’
    • ‘My strongest memory of him is the sound of his laboured breathing.’
    • ‘Nigel Twiston-Davies's imposing six-year-old produced one or two lethargic jumps, and then a particularly laboured effort at the final fence handed victory to Vodka Bleu.’
    • ‘When the party broke up slightly we retired to the living room to talk loudly over the sound of my father's laboured drunken snoring as he'd once more collapsed open-mouthed into his chair.’
    • ‘New Zealand preparations included an ultimately easy victory over Wales, a laboured success against France, and a narrow loss to the team of the moment and World Cup favourites England.’
    • ‘I could smell my cousin's perfume mingled with sweat and hear her labored breaths.’
    • ‘This one had manoeuvred itself into an exposed position and was climbing in a laboured manner up a twisted, dry vine that was coming away from the tree.’
    • ‘With every labored breath, Lizzy prays she'll see the next day.’
    • ‘While her face crinkles into a laboured smirk, her sad eyes say more than words ever could.’
    • ‘‘I'm a tourist, not a terrorist,’ was my increasingly laboured refrain.’
    • ‘I've written before about how his laboured breathing was one of the few things I remember of him.’
    • ‘I focused on my labored breath and thought back to my struggle to breathe in Laos, which reminded me of why I was doing this.’
    • ‘But it was a laboured effort, and Armstrong found the strength to respond, passing Ullrich and taking Basso with him.’
    • ‘Blockbusters may come and go, but when you see a lower-budget debut feature film, even if it turns out to be the laboured work of a tortured soul, you can be sure that its very existence means the world to somebody somewhere.’
    • ‘In a labored effort, he stood up and paid a closer inspection to this enigmatic item.’
    • ‘There's labored tone about Reid's response that could simply be a legacy of having to explain the question many times or it may stem from a genuine concern.’
    • ‘And when her labored breathing finally came to an end and her cloudy eyes stared off in the distance, I had a good cry.’
    • ‘He then launches into a laboured attempt to show us what happens next by drawing on the history of oil in Kuwait.’
    strained, difficult, forced, laborious, heavy, awkward
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    1. 1.1 (especially of humor or a performance) not spontaneous or fluent.
      ‘one of Arthur's labored jokes’
      • ‘Her laboured and forced English accent, and disappointing performances from the rest of the cast, say a lot about the director's capabilities.’
      • ‘This was a laboured sitcom peopled by stereotypical characters in unlikely plots.’
      • ‘Mendelson shuffles around looking catatonically depressed and uttering his lines in a laboured and difficult way.’
      • ‘Everything about director, Steven Brill's movie, smacks of desperation, though, given the laboured quality of most of the jokes, and the overall lack of subtlety.’
      • ‘Or else, the productions crumbled under the weight of laboured interpretations.’
      • ‘The pacing at times could have been a little more frantic as some of the humour became somewhat laboured.’
      • ‘The 85 minutes of laboured monologues and unconvincing heroism are as entertaining as a pet's funeral.’
      contrived, stiff, strained, stilted, forced, unnatural, artificial, mannered, studied, affected, overdone, overworked, heavy, ponderous, over-elaborate, over-embellished, long-winded, awkward, clumsy, inelegant, turgid, laborious, overwrought, not spontaneous, unconvincing, convoluted, complex, intricate, ornate, elaborate, prolix
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