Definition of labor party in US English:

labor party


  • 1A political party formed to represent the interests of ordinary working people.

    • ‘It is the only democratic system without an electorally viable socialist, social democratic, or labor party.’
    • ‘More than 4,000 people labeled as communists or associated with the communist labor parties were arrested in 33 cities.’
    • ‘Despite widespread sentiment in the working class for a break with the two capitalist parties and the building of a labor party, the CIO leadership opposed any such development.’
    • ‘‘For ten years I thought about the building of a labor party,’ said Alexander.’
    • ‘It opposed a break by the newly formed industrial union movement from the capitalist two-party system through the formation of a labor party.’
    • ‘U.S. exceptionalism, which continues to be a condition of contemporary life, involves the failure of U.S. society to develop a viable labor party.’
    • ‘The league advocated union democracy, an end to labor-management collaboration, industrial unionism, a labor party, antiracism, and international workers' solidarity.’
    • ‘The call for a labor party as advanced by the Trotskyist movement was fundamentally opposed to agitation for a social democratic or reformist party, along the lines of the British Labour Party.’
    • ‘The KCTU has been the power base for the labor party and the two still maintain close ties.’
    • ‘Those people who gave healthy donations to the labor party will be looking for healthy paybacks.’
    • ‘The Democratic Party is not nor has ever been a labor party.’
    • ‘So, if you look at the most developed countries in the world, there is some type of labor party, or social-democratic party, or some type of party of the working class.’
    • ‘Tragically, the American labor movement followed the latter path, with the CIO leaders maintaining their alliance with the Democratic Party and opposing the building of a labor party.’
    • ‘In all of these countries the existence of strong labor parties was a factor in these policies.’
    • ‘Trotsky raised as a central tactic the demand for the CIO to break with the Democrats and establish a labor party based on a socialist program.’
    • ‘But that would require a European-style social welfare system, state-administered job security, and a labor party that backs industry-wide union actions.’
    • ‘I was attracted to the party's fight for the unions to build a labor party to defeat the two existing parties and bring the working class to power.’
    • ‘Starting in the late 1930s, our movement raised the demand for the CIO unions to break with the Democrats and form a labor party based on socialist policies.’
    • ‘This would in fact mean that the ALP is no longer a labor party but rather a vaguely progressive organisation not unlike the Democratic Party in the United states.’
    • ‘Dedicated to labor history, the first section focuses on internal conflicts within the Wilhelminian SPD as well as perceptions of labor parties during the Weimar period.’
    1. 1.1the Labor Party A major party in Israel, Australia, and certain other countries.
      • ‘Meanwhile, the Labor party in Israel is looking to Ayalon to challenge Sharon.’
      • ‘Murray Wheelan is also not a detective, he's a Labor Party ministerial advisor.’
      • ‘Many people view him as a Labor Party hero and a visionary.’
      • ‘This was always supposed to be a simple bit of legal tinkering, to give the Labor Party a way out of its dilemma over the Free Trade Agreement.’
      • ‘The party's green light means medicines are now set to rise by 30 per cent, and some Labor Party members are already feeling the backlash in emails and telephone calls.’
      • ‘You might think that the only reason a Labor Party leader might want to visit Terrigal would be to exorcise some lingering political demons.’
      • ‘For close to thirty years I have been a supporter of the Labor party.’
      • ‘Whoever the new Leader is, realistically, how many election cycles is it going to take to get this Labor Party back up to full steam so the Australian public can trust them?’
      • ‘It's about the Labor Party at very senior level, a Labor Party that I think can do a lot better.’
      • ‘The police have also told PM that Mr Obeid, who was by then a Labor Party veteran and newly elected parliamentarian, had declined to be formally interviewed by police, as is his right.’
      • ‘Although I'm out of politics these days, I don't believe there's any reason why I shouldn't attend a Liberal Party function or even, for that matter, a Labor Party function or any other political party function.’
      • ‘That caused plenty of embarrassment given that some Labor Party councillors from Fairfield turned up.’
      • ‘Ms Hirsh, 66, said she had two drinks over dinner with friends on Wednesday night, then two glasses of white wine at a Labor Party bash at Parliament - described by a Liberal MP as a wild night.’
      • ‘Labor says Peter Garrett lodged an open enrolment form yesterday and neither Peter Garrett nor any Labor Party official was available to speak to AM this morning.’
      • ‘Federal Opposition Leader Kim Beazley says the seat of O'Connor will not be a Labor Party priority at the next federal election.’
      • ‘The land was sold to Steritech by the Queensland government, contrary to a Labor Party platform which prohibits irradiation facilities.’
      • ‘This would have been true of any Labor Party nominee.’
      • ‘Yossi Beilin, who was a Labor Party minister and Camp David negotiator, said later, ‘It is not a one-side fault.’’
      • ‘It's not just a Labor Party view, it's the view of business, it's the view of external analysis of Australia, it's the view of the Reserve Bank.’
      • ‘You are going to see a Labor Party that is rejuvenated by its determination.’
    2. 1.2
      variant spelling of Labour Party