Definition of labarum in US English:



  • 1A banner or flag bearing symbolic motifs.

    • ‘It was not until 1935 that standards and labarums were granted to artillery and engineer regiments.’
    • ‘The labarums were all over the place and when the MC called his name the place exploded.’
    1. 1.1historical Constantine the Great's imperial standard, which bore Christian symbolic imagery fused with the military symbols of the Roman Empire.
      • ‘Also the labarums the Romans have are missing an actual Chi-Rho on the top of the pole and instead they have an eagle.’
      • ‘Never was any bearer of this holy labarum injured during fights.’
      • ‘The labarum, like the vexillium, had sometimes fringes with tassels or ribbons.’
      • ‘The labarum was a purely military flag, and definitely not a flag for the church.’


Early 17th century: from late Latin, of unknown origin.