Definition of La Leche League in US English:

La Leche League


  • An international nonprofit breastfeeding advocacy group. Local chapters hold meetings to provide breastfeeding information and support.

    • ‘Mary Bird, who is part of the La Leche League's national breastfeeding committee, said that while more mums were willing to try breastfeeding, a high number stopped after just a couple of weeks.’
    • ‘I was initially inspired by a concept I heard at La Leche League meetings: that discipline is based on loving guidance.’
    • ‘When I was a young mom, I found a family of support in my La Leche League group.’
    • ‘References such as those to the local chapter of La Leche League may prove to be valuable.’
    • ‘The La Leche League is a breast feeding information and support group.’
    • ‘Whole Foods for Babies & Toddlers by Margaret Kenda is the definitive guide to solid food from La Leche League International.’
    • ‘As per La Leche League, breast milk stays good in the fridge for up to 8 days, and up to 3-4 months in the freezer.’
    • ‘Most recently, Blick was director of funding development, La Leche League International, Chicago.’
    • ‘The site is the first of its kind, containing information about voluntary groups and groups run by the public health nurses as well as information about Cuidiu and the public meeting places of the La Leche League.’
    • ‘But if your doctor isn't comfortable with it, find a local chapter of La Leche League International, a mother-to-mother breast-feeding information and education organization.’
    • ‘Another source of breastfeeding support in most communities is La Leche League, an organization with local chapters throughout the United States.’
    • ‘Besides a very active consulting and international lecturing schedule, Hale serves on the medical advisory board of La Leche League International.’
    • ‘Contact a local lactation consultant or La Leche League for breastfeeding advice.’
    • ‘Soon after the interlude on Lee's bed, I attended the La Leche League International conference in San Francisco, where Marian Tompson, a LLLI founder, showed me a photo of her great-grandchild.’
    • ‘If you choose to use a prescribed pharmaceutical whose effects are unknown (check with the your local La Leche League Leader), remember that you may be able to pump and discard your milk instead of permanently weaning.’
    • ‘Of course, I've received some helpful suggestions, especially through La Leche League meetings.’
    • ‘The La Leche League International, an advocacy group for breastfeeding, recommends avoiding combined oral contraceptives in breastfeeding women because of the other choices available.’
    • ‘If you still have concerns about nursing, contact La Leche League International, an organization dedicated to helping breastfeeding mothers with support, encouragement and education.’
    • ‘Norma Jane Bumgarner's 1982 International La Leche League bestseller has been revised to include new mothers' stories and the latest research and historical evidence supporting the prolonged nursing relationship.’
    • ‘Breast pumps are available to rent or to buy; contact your midwife, maternity unit or support groups such as the National Childbirth Trust or La Leche League for more information.’


La Leche League

/lä ˈleˌCHā ˌlēɡ/