Definition of kyanite in US English:


(also cyanite)


  • A blue or green crystalline mineral consisting of aluminum silicate, used in heat-resistant ceramics.

    • ‘However, most kyanite occurs as bladed crystals without well-developed terminations.’
    • ‘Outside we saw large tables covered high with specimens of kyanite in quartz.’
    • ‘Mineral resources include lead, gold, zircon, coal, uranium, and kyanite, but most of these are not fully exploited.’
    • ‘The presence of kyanite in these rocks suggests that they may have experienced temperatures higher than the closure temperature of the mica, however.’
    • ‘Citrine and all the types of kyanite are good examples.’


Late 18th century: from Greek kuanos, kuaneos ‘dark blue’ + -ite.