Definition of kvetch in US English:



North American
  • 1A person who complains a great deal.

    • ‘Sure enough, at the end of his workday he is a kvetch who goads a black youngster into reaching for a gun and shoots him dead.’
    • ‘I was a real kvetch, and I wanted to be involved every step of the way.’
    • ‘Zoole, a hopeless kvetch, has good reason to complain.’
    • ‘And I don't want to seem like a kvetch, but where's the dessert?’
    shrew, curmudgeon, discontent, complainer, grumbler, moaner, fault-finder, carper
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    1. 1.1 A complaint.
      ‘“They don't make 'em like they used to” has become an all-purpose kvetch’
      • ‘In Trading Hearts the veil of intimacy is lifted and the audience invited into the heart of a relationship to share the moments - the thoughts, the kvetches, and the fleeting heartbeats of bliss, the fights and the sex.’
      • ‘Without the historical fantasy, what's left is one long, pretentious kvetch, larded with hokum about forgiveness and redemption, that some men are geniuses and others are not.’
      • ‘I have a kvetch about my meal being cooked in the body fat of a dead animal.’
      • ‘To make the guest list, invitees would have to possess the ability to grumble, rant, complain, gripe, fuss, snarl, groan, scream and kvetch - preferably all at the same time.’
      • ‘My one kvetch was that not enough music was played from the Train A Comin’ album.’
      complaint, grumble, moan, groan, grievance, objection, protest, whine
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[no object]North American
  • Complain.

    • ‘I stand to the side, watching, listening to him kvetch about my lack of proper kitchen equipment.’
    • ‘Coincidentally, he'd been kvetching to me about the lack of masquerade balls, just before I found out that there was going to be one.’
    • ‘Just think, if the people who are now kvetching about freedom of speech simply posted their names on the website, then none of the speculation would have happened.’
    • ‘Thus every day, on my blog, these strangers show up, just to shoot the breeze, flirt, kvetch, veer off topic and, most of all, pay zero attention to what I have written.’
    • ‘I call it a good excuse for geeky types to get together and kvetch.’
    grumble, complain, moan, groan, protest, whine, bleat, carp, cavil, lodge a complaint, make a complaint, make a fuss
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1960s: from Yiddish kvetsh (noun), kvetshn (verb), from Middle High German quetschen, literally ‘crush’.