Definition of Kuwaiti in US English:



  • Relating to Kuwait or its people.

    ‘the Kuwaiti Royal family’
    • ‘The meeting will be chaired by the Kuwaiti Oil Minister and State Minister for National Assembly Affairs.’
    • ‘Further research revealed that the model is Puerto Rican and Kuwaiti.’
    • ‘He became the youngest winner in the prize's history for his story seen through the eyes of Issa, the son of a Kuwaiti father and a Filipina mother.’
    • ‘What Kuwaiti fans lack in numbers, they plan to make up for in noise and enthusiasm when their team take on Australia in the Asian Cup.’
    • ‘Those deposits can be in Kuwaiti dinar or other foreign currencies, and offer monthly, quarterly, half-yearly, and yearly returns.’
    • ‘He sat with his girlfriend, a Kuwaiti princess he reportedly met at school.’
    • ‘The Kuwait Investment Authority has 24 percent share in the bank and the rest is owned by Kuwaiti citizens.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Kuwait, or a person of Kuwaiti descent.

    ‘around 47,000 Kuwaitis are eligible for the plan’
    • ‘"The increased turnout signals that many Kuwaitis are ready to put the recent past behind them and move forward," he said.’
    • ‘One of them is a Saudi, another one a Kuwaiti.’
    • ‘Australia expect the Kuwaitis to play a stifling, defensive game and perhaps seek to pinch a goal on the break.’
    • ‘In the last few years, Kuwaitis have rediscovered the meaning of the words tradition and heritage.’
    • ‘All schooling for Kuwaitis is free, and between the ages of six and fourteen, attendance is compulsory.’
    • ‘"We are in discussions with the Kuwaitis, trying to defer the payment for two years or at least a year, to allow some space to present a realistic budget."’