Definition of Kufic in US English:



  • An early angular form of the Arabic alphabet found chiefly in decorative inscriptions.


  • Of or in Kufic script.

    • ‘The manuscript in Kufic script disappeared from the Museum in 2001 in a mysterious manner.’
    • ‘Among them is the seventh century AD Quran written on parchment in early Kufic script attributed to Hazrat Ali.’
    • ‘The original version was in Kufic script and contained no vowels or distinguishing, diacritical points.’
    • ‘In this period, the communication and orders of the Holy Prophet were usually written in Kufic script.’
    • ‘Highlights included a fourteenth century page from an Egyptian Koran in Kufic script and four eighteenth century Iranian leather pages from the Book of Divination.’


Early 18th century: from the name Kufa, a city south of Baghdad, Iraq (because it was attributed to the city's scholars), + -ic.