Definition of kochia in US English:



  • A shrubby Eurasian plant of the goosefoot family, grown for its decorative foliage which turns deep fiery red in the autumn.

    Bassia formerly 'Kochia' scoparia, family Chenopodiaceae

    • ‘Examples of triazine-resistant weeds infesting grain sorghum fields in Nebraska include pigweed, waterhemp, and kochia.’
    • ‘The first experimental plant, kochia, was exposed under the filters from 5 to 29 August, after emergence in the field.’
    • ‘It controls black nightshade, kochia, lambsquarters, pigweed, sunflower, velvetleaf, waterhemp (including ALS-resistant types), foxtail and crabgrass.’
    • ‘Callisto controls many broadleaf weeds, including pigweed, waterhemp, kochia, and velvetleaf with excellent crop safety.’
    • ‘Several common weeds, including pigweed, lamb's quarters, and kochia, have been reported to be hosts for the pathogen.’
    • ‘Several weed species, including kochia, Russian thistle, and field sandbur are extremely drought tolerant.’
    • ‘It controls many broadleaf weeds including kochia, both triazine resistant and ALS resistant biotypes.’
    • ‘Many of the early emerging summer annuals, including giant ragweed, kochia, lambsquarters, and Russian thistle are removed during the tillage process, allowing the crop and any new weeds to emerge together.’
    • ‘This can help control early emerging summer annuals such as kochia if they aren't ALS-resistant.’
    • ‘Many areas have ALS-resistant kochia so herbicides such as Synchrony, Pursuit, and Raptor will not provide control.’
    • ‘This year many of the broadleaf weeds such as kochia, lambsquarters, morningglory, common sunflower, toothed spurge, and wild buckwheat also will create post-harvest problems.’


Late 19th century: named after Wilhelm D. J. Koch (1771–1849), German botanist.