Definition of kob in English:



  • An antelope with a reddish coat and lyre-shaped horns, found on the savannas of southern Africa.

    • ‘Other such hosts include the large buffalo, Syncerus caffer (which is not the domesticated water buffalo), wildebeest, waterbuck, impala, kob and quite small-bodied duikers.’
    • ‘Animal populations have plummeted, and many larger mammals such as giraffes, striped hyenas, western kob, bushbuck and sitatunga are now considered extinct in the area around the lake.’
    • ‘Elsewhere, Murchison Falls and Queen Elizabeth National Parks have expansive scenery, growing populations of game such as endemic Uganda kob.’
    • ‘Similarly, Kobus kob, occupy leks when in open habitat at high population density, but they defend larger territories or occupy home ranges at low density.’


Late 18th century: from Wolof kooba.