Definition of know different (or otherwise) in US English:

know different (or otherwise)


  • Be aware of information or evidence to the contrary.

    • ‘To the outside world he looked like a sweet old man - but his neighbours knew otherwise.’
    • ‘You may say you love him, but your heart knows otherwise.’
    • ‘We may smile now at our erstwhile belief that the sun circles the earth rather than the other way round, or that the earth is flat, but the only reason we know different is that a scientific genius dispelled our illusions.’
    • ‘If you didn't know otherwise, it would be perfectly reasonable to assume the school in question would be open to all, especially thanks to the use of the friendly words ‘junior school’.’
    • ‘‘The council might say there are not too many accidents at the junction but we live there and know different,’ he said.’
    • ‘My money's on Celtic, unless anyone knows different?’
    • ‘Geologists once thought that collapsing volcanoes were rare in Earth's history; now they know otherwise.’
    • ‘Until I know otherwise I'll be starting pre-season training at Fulham.’
    • ‘Tentatively, therefore, it could be a new ‘course record’ - unless anyone knows different.’
    • ‘I thought he was a fair driver, but now I know different.’