Definition of knock something off in US English:

knock something off

phrasal verb

  • 1Produce a piece of work quickly and easily, especially to order.

    • ‘The boys amble about swapping melodies whilst knocking off a string of sunshine West Coast pop hits with unerring ease.’
    • ‘I've been up for an hour or so knocking off a couple of pieces two whole days before the deadline.’
    produce, make, turn out, create, construct, assemble, fashion, put together, fabricate
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  • 2Deduct an amount from a total.

    ‘when the bill came, they knocked off $600 because of a little scratch’
    • ‘Opting for third-party insurance consistently knocks about a third off the cost of your premium.’
    • ‘The very least they could do is knock a few pounds off our electricity bills, just as a gesture of good faith.’
    • ‘Turn down your central heating: a one-degree adjustment on your thermostat could knock hundreds of pounds off your fuel bill.’
    • ‘Most economists' models are built on what happened in the '70s, and they tell us basically that each $US 10 rise in the oil price knocks about 0.5 per cent off economic growth.’
    • ‘The argument is that it will save the consumers on the their weekly shopping bill, knocking about 500 off the total annual grocery bill.’
    • ‘A slightly more restrictive exhaust system knocks 5 hp off the engine's 220 hp output.’
    • ‘The food was bad, though, and we sent it back and they knocked the charge off our bill.’
    • ‘And don't forget to mention that immobilizer and alarm - they could each knock 10% off your quote.’
    • ‘The government is now trying to persuade its largest creditors to knock some $4 billion off that figure.’
    • ‘Economists have calculated that a $10 a barrel rise in oil prices knocks about 0.5 percentage points off world growth after 12 to 18 months.’
    deduct, take off, subtract, take away, dock, debit, remove
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  • 3British Steal something.

    • ‘She'd heard about all the trouble we'd been having with vandals and thieves knocking our gear off, so she said she would feel safer if the posters were inside.’
    steal, purloin, take, make off with, abscond with, pilfer, misappropriate
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    1. 3.1 Make an illegal copy of a product.
      • ‘Oh, well, they'll probably sell a load of them at that price before some knocks it off for $5.’