Definition of knock someone off in US English:

knock someone off

phrasal verb

  • 1informal Kill someone.

    • ‘In that film, McCormack is a devilish child who begins knocking off fellow classmates and even the family gardener when they dare to get in her way.’
    • ‘The plot has a vengeful wife determined to knock off her philandering husband…, but the fellow proves strangely indestructible.’
    • ‘In fact, I strongly suspect he's concocting a game of his own which involves knocking off family members one by one.’
    • ‘They started robbing graves but found the demand for bodies outstripped supply so they started knocking off Edinburgh lowlifes who they reasoned would not be missed.’
    kill, murder, assassinate, do to death, do away with, make away with, get rid of, dispose of, eliminate, liquidate, terminate, finish off
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  • 2British vulgar slang Have sexual intercourse with a woman.

    have sexual intercourse, have sexual intercourse with, make love, make love to, sleep together, sleep with, go to bed together, go to bed with
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