Definition of knitting in US English:



  • 1The craft or action of knitting.

    • ‘The number of women taking up knitting has doubled in the past few years, spurred not just by the desire to make something snugly for their family, but for others too.’
    • ‘In the mean-time I'm rediscovering the joys of knitting and having great fun in the process.’
    • ‘For the moment, knitting is my current hobby/addiction.’
    • ‘Marjorie is a craftswoman and her knowledge of the history of knitting makes her a popular speaker at craft events.’
    • ‘But how I wish I was adept at both knitting and sewing.’
    • ‘Those who teach kids all agree that those kids who saw their parents and grandparents knitting picked knitting up faster.’
    • ‘Often, many part-time pursuits, such as cake decorating, knitting and bookbinding, can be run from home because it saves time and money.’
    • ‘She was gifted with her hands and had a special talent for knitting and embroidery.’
    • ‘Erris is renowned for many things including its outstanding tradition in exquisite hand crafts like lace making, crochet, needlework and knitting.’
    • ‘Very good with her hands, she had a particular flair for knitting and embroidery - skills borne out of necessities of growing up in early twentieth century rural Ireland.’
    • ‘The greatest benefit is the companionship you'll share when engaged in the process of knitting.’
    • ‘If you thought knitting was limited to jumpers and scarves, then think again.’
    • ‘I've been doing some bits of knitting and sewing, and I'll post some pictures just as soon as I get my act together.’
    • ‘She does all the needlework and knitting, which she says is probably the most enjoyable part.’
    • ‘The Guild has organised craft classes in crochet and knitting to commence in January and they will be open to nonmembers.’
    • ‘Traditional crafts such as knitting and lace-making have a wonderful history in Scotland.’
    • ‘I seem to have finally mastered knitting on two circular needles!’
    • ‘She did a lot of knitting and sewing, volunteered in her church, and sang in the choir.’
    • ‘I'm no good at sewing, but I could do some knitting.’
    • ‘Crafts on show range from embroidery and knitting to doll making and china painting, with plenty of other weird and wonderful hobbies on offer.’
    1. 1.1 Material which is in the process of being knitted.
      ‘I put down my knitting’
      • ‘Doreen picked up her knitting once more, the needles flashing in the lamplight and clicking rhythmically.’
      • ‘She insisted on bringing her knitting everywhere.’
      • ‘Everyone immediately forgot my stunning knitting achievements and began oohing and ahhing over her knitting.’
      • ‘I've a feeling my knitting will go to the Salvation Army from now on.’
      • ‘Ladies have you any unfinished knitting or sewing at home?’
      • ‘Mrs Griffiths rested her knitting in her lap for a moment.’
      • ‘‘Why don't you come on in then,’ she said as she picked up her knitting.’
      • ‘She tucked her knitting away in her bag and stood up.’
      • ‘Emily smiled at me briefly before returning to her knitting.’
      • ‘Her father put his paper down and her mother laid her knitting in her lap.’
      • ‘Her sitting room with its home-made curtains and baskets of knitting and needlepoint was the warm heart of the house, attracting the others to gather in it.’
      • ‘I didn't answer, just picked my knitting back up and started to stitch.’
      • ‘Her household was run with thrift and economy - she always made her own jam, bottled fruit, made cakes and pastry and was never without her knitting and sewing.’


  • stick to the (or one's) knitting

    • informal (of a person or an organization) concentrate on a familiar area of activity rather than diversify; mind one's own business.

      • ‘The former building society has ‘stuck to the knitting’ focusing on mortgage lending.’
      • ‘We've simply stuck to our knitting, giving viewers the kind of top-quality, original programming they've come to expect from us.’
      • ‘To many, Alliance Trust is the model investment trust firm, which keeps costs to an absolute minimum, provides consistently good returns over the long term, and sticks to the knitting.’
      • ‘The trend has taken on added momentum because so many companies are sticking to their knitting.’
      • ‘Businesses have long realised the need to ‘stick to the knitting’ and outsource non-core activities to those who can carry out the work better.’
      • ‘The automobile market is even more difficult to predict these days, with many major companies sticking to their knitting at the moment and not even entertaining the thought of any major technological leaps.’
      • ‘I think we both agree, however, that everyone is better off when oil companies stick to their knitting - creating jobs and an economy is the best kind of development there is.’
      • ‘I've been asked to introduce new lines, but I'll stick to my knitting and continue to stock items that can't be found elsewhere.’
      • ‘Whatever the root causes, the business culture has gone from revolution to counterrevolution, from ‘let's make our move’ to ‘let's stick to our knitting.’’
      • ‘It's also the age-old debate about the best route to corporate success - sticking to the knitting or covering all the bases in the hope that at least some of them will come up trumps.’