Definition of knight errant in US English:

knight errant

nounPlural knights errant

  • A medieval knight wandering in search of chivalrous adventures.

    • ‘Don Quijote explains that any knight errant who did not ask for a lady love's favor and protection would be subject to criticism.’
    • ‘At last, Don Quijote decides to seek honor and glory and fulfill his duty (to right wrongs), and become an actual knight errant.’
    • ‘After years of obsessively reading books of chivalry, his mind finally snaps and he decides to become an actual knight errant like those in the tales he has read.’
    • ‘A favourite subject of literature and folklore, at one extreme he appears as a knight errant, driven on by a desire for honour and sense of adventure, while at the other he is a bully and a braggart.’
    chevalier, cavalier, cavalryman, horseman, equestrian
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knight errant

/ˈnīt ˈerənt/