Definition of knee-deep in English:


adverb & adjective

  • 1So deep as to reach the knees.

    ‘the water was knee-deep on Main Street’
    • ‘Climbing out of the glen was desperately hard work - knee-deep snow was the norm and occasionally I'd sink into drifts up to my thighs.’
    • ‘She was standing in the restaurant when the second wave burst in, leaving her knee-deep in swirling, sandy water - but uninjured.’
    • ‘Ethan was standing in knee-deep water, looking back the way they'd come.’
    • ‘Onlookers said the water was only knee-deep in the part of the lagoon where he fell in.’
    • ‘Nichola Richards was forced to shut the premises on Friday and Saturday, due to the store being knee-deep in water.’
    • ‘With countless roots and fallen logs hidden under the brown, knee-deep water, each step is a calculated risk.’
    • ‘When we left our home the water was only knee-deep.’
    • ‘A burst water main caused chaos in a busy York shopping street today, flooding a supermarket and leaving a café knee-deep in water.’
    • ‘The snow covering the mountain pass is knee-deep and hard going.’
    • ‘Another Campbell Street resident said his garage was knee-deep in water and his family was waiting for the fire brigade to pump water out of the garden, which was entirely submerged.’
    • ‘Eistaucher took a step towards me and stumbled; abruptly he was knee-deep in water.’
    • ‘As the water on the road was knee-deep, engines of several light vehicles conked out and commuters were stranded, blocking the movement of heavy vehicles.’
    • ‘Eventually he wandered down to the river, where he found Jim standing knee-deep in the water.’
    • ‘He and his family were awoken at about midnight to find themselves knee-deep in water after the storm drains overflowed.’
    • ‘She's still homeless - three months after she was left knee-deep in water by a freak flood at her terraced house.’
    • ‘Forty minutes of heavy rains turned Pattaya into a water world on Monday, with floodwaters knee-deep in places and cars breaking down in the waterlogged roads, causing traffic chaos.’
    • ‘Living in knee-deep coastal waters, this small creature buries itself in the sand during the day and comes out to hunt after dark.’
    • ‘Teachers managed to save children's work at St Nicholas Primary School, but the building was knee-deep in water and remained closed last night.’
    • ‘Finally, with knee-deep water in the cabin 200 miles from Bermuda, he issued a Mayday call.’
    • ‘The huge yard, on the outskirts of Lahore, was knee-deep in mud.’
    full of, crowded with, overrun by, overflowing with, swarming with, teeming with, alive with, crawling with, hopping with, bristling with, thronged with, packed with, rife with, well supplied with, awash with, abounding in, abundant in, knee-deep in, rolling in
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    1. 1.1 Immersed up to the knees.
      ‘we were knee-deep in snow’
    2. 1.2 Having more than one needs or wants of something.
      ‘we shall soon be knee-deep in conflicting legal views’
      • ‘He has spent much of his career knee-deep in immigration data, figuring out ways to measure the population, crunching the numbers and analyzing their policy implications.’
      • ‘We are knee-deep in financial trouble and have no idea how we are going to get out of it.’
      • ‘In early 2000, I was knee-deep in business books, white papers, technology mags, and Harvard Business Reviews since I worked as an editorial consultant to high-tech and internet folks.’


  • So as to be immersed up to the knees.

    ‘I plodded knee-deep through the mud’



/ˈˌnē ˈˌdēp//ˈˌni ˈˌdip/