Definition of knavery in US English:



  • See knave

    • ‘Some very recent examples will suffice to persuade us that piety and knavery are incompatible.’
    • ‘No doubt the chancers behind this scam would later graduate to the kind of knavery witnessed at Kingston police court in the same month.’
    • ‘Iago's only bond with his wife Emilia is not intimate, or even affectionate, and it becomes the means that undoes him when he believes he must kill her to prevent her from revealing his knavery.’
    • ‘Other cities may let such things go, but we don't stand for any such knavery here.’
    • ‘Those convinced of his knavery, however, are unlikely to accept this judgment as definitive.’
    villainy, unscrupulousness, baseness, roguishness, badness, wickedness, viciousness, iniquity, depravity, evil, vileness, devilishness, rascality, delinquency, corruption, corruptness
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