Definition of klong in US English:



  • (in Thailand) a canal.

    • ‘From the palace we take a trip on the long-tail river boats into the network of canals, known locally as klongs, for a really different perspective of Bangkok.’
    • ‘In those days the water was clear enough for children to net fish from the banks of the klongs.’
    • ‘If the rains continue, however, the cholera will probably die out, as it is no doubt connected in most cases with the fact that the water in the river and the klongs has been somewhat brackish for a number of days past.’
    • ‘Local citizens are also being warned to stay away from flooded marsh areas, streams, klongs and ponds in the area, and be extremely vigilant around the local beaches until further notice.’
    • ‘Throughout history communities along the rivers, klongs and waterways of the kingdom have depended on boats for fishing and transporting goods.’