Definition of kiwi fruit in US English:

kiwi fruit

(also kiwifruit)


  • A fruit with a thin hairy skin, green flesh, and black seeds.

    This fruit is obtained from the eastern Asian climbing plant Actinidia chinensis (family Actinidiaceae)

    Also called Chinese gooseberry
    • ‘I find that sliced kiwi fruit look and taste good on the lemon flavour cheesecake.’
    • ‘As a guideline, one kiwi fruit contains about 50 mg of vitamin C.’
    • ‘Good sources of vitamin C include peppers, Brussels sprouts, sweet potatoes, oranges and kiwi fruit.’
    • ‘Back in 1953, there were no avocados, no kiwi fruit, and not a suspicion of mozzarella and tomato pizza.’
    • ‘Junior's fruit platter came with grapes, apples, bananas and kiwi fruit.’


kiwi fruit

/ˈkēwē fro͞ot//ˈkiwi frut/