Definition of kiskadee in US English:



  • A large tyrant flycatcher with a black-and-white-striped head and bright yellow breast, found mainly in tropical America.

    The greater kiskadee (Pitangus sulphuratus) and the lesser kiskadee (Philohydor lictor), family Tyrannidae

    • ‘I can't decide whether wild chickens should be as unremarkable as kiskadees or cockroaches, or whether they bring a somewhat third world ambiance to the Island and would be better rounded up and made into a nice curry.’
    • ‘So the kiskadees are able to incubate from two to five eggs and feed the hatchlings in comparative safety.’
    • ‘One whole day I stalked great kiskadees, trying to keep my balance in a muddy ravine near a small lake.’
    • ‘A member of the flycatcher family, the kiskadee was introduced into Bermuda in the 1950s and is now a year-round resident.’
    • ‘The bright, lemon yellow great kiskadee, found in abundance, was introduced in the 1950s and is both easy to spot and easy to hear.’


Late 19th century: imitative of its call.