Definition of kishke in US English:



  • 1A beef intestine stuffed with a seasoned filling.

    • ‘The cooked kishke can range in color from grey-white to brownish-orange, depending on how much paprika is used.’
    • ‘They include kishke (a sausage filled with a flour-and-onion stuffing) and various knaidlach - all part of the dumpling family of foods.’
    • ‘Remove foil and serve kishke sliced and warm.’
    • ‘Where else can you get a latke Ruben, a side of kishke and a Dr. Brown's cream soda to wash it down?’
    • ‘He makes homemade kishke, chopped liver and herring in cream sauce.’
    1. 1.1usually kishkesUS informal A person's guts.
      • ‘Or, is the writer just subscribing to the notion that an at-home scene plays well and serves to stir the kishkes?’
      • ‘And yet so much experience is from a different place, the place of the viscera, the kishkes.’
      • ‘Maybe a whole wagon load out there in the rain, and on a night like this, who knows, they'll be wanting a few nips to warn their kishkes!’
      • ‘I'm flirting my little kishkes off when the crowd starts whooping and hollering.’
      • ‘This was a fight he didn't want to get into, he said, but noted that, as always, he led with ‘my head and then my heart and my kishkes.’’


Yiddish, from Polish kiszka or Ukrainian kishka.