Definition of kiosk in English:



  • 1A small open-fronted hut or cubicle from which newspapers, refreshments, tickets, etc., are sold.

    • ‘We've got a kiosk in reception that sells items you might need for a reasonable price.’
    • ‘For example, Unilever sells soap through street vendors and Coca-Cola is sold through kiosks.’
    • ‘In Greece, couples are offered a range of incentives to have more than one child, including tax relief and licences for taxis and newspaper kiosks.’
    • ‘The venue will be part of a small tented complex including toilets and kiosks for sweets and refreshments.’
    • ‘A kiosk sold magazines and public transport tickets beside the turnstile for the Powell-Mason Cable car.’
    • ‘Villages appear more frequently, and with them sheaves of corn hanging from verandas, chillies drying in the sun and small kiosks selling random goods.’
    • ‘Its newspaper La Vérité was sold publicly in newspaper kiosks and had a wide readership.’
    • ‘The anticorruption campaign proved most successful in the districts with the highest concentration of newspaper kiosks.’
    • ‘Starbucks plan to roll out coffee kiosks at airports and supermarkets to meet this ambitious target.’
    • ‘I asked the lady in the kiosk for two adult tickets and she said: ‘Where are your children?’’
    • ‘We bought bus tickets at a nearby kiosk before getting on board.’
    • ‘A refreshment kiosk is already on the site which is leased out as an annual franchise by the council.’
    • ‘The last surviving assassin, Tito still deals in luck and fate, selling lottery tickets from a kiosk.’
    • ‘Most resorts have amenities such as a restaurant, shop, kiosk, swimming pool and filling station.’
    • ‘Fans could bet on the numbers in bars, barber shops, newspaper kiosks, and other neighborhood outlets.’
    • ‘In the event, he left the magazine at home and the kiosk had sold out so he had to buy the Times and fold it to the size of the Listener.’
    • ‘Here's a tip for you - don't follow the herds of tourists queueing to buy tickets at the kiosk near the garden entrance.’
    • ‘The popularisation of orange juice, sold at a kiosk at Flinders Street Station, was one of his novelties.’
    • ‘All along the middle of these blocks are kiosks selling various wares of t-shirts and handbags and jewellery etc.’
    • ‘These are admission tickets, which means there is no need to queue at the ticket kiosk and there will be no price increase after booking.’
    booth, stand, stall, counter, refreshments kiosk, news stand, bookstall, telephone kiosk
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    1. 1.1 A small structure in a public area used for providing information or displaying advertisements, often incorporating an interactive display screen or screens.
      • ‘There are kiosks all over the place that no one uses: kiosks at the mall for shopping, kiosks for community information, kiosks for job listings.’
      • ‘The kiosk is linked to a database of information, and to the website of Temple Bar Properties by a broadband connection.’
      • ‘Within two years there will be a tremendous matrix of data along with a rating system to support these kiosks.’
      • ‘Domestic passengers can use the touch-screen kiosks to receive a boarding pass if they have an electronic ticket.’
      • ‘He is in the process of rolling out kiosks, which the company has tested at trade shows.’
      • ‘Customers will be able to avoid lines by using an ATM-like kiosk to receive refills.’
      • ‘For example, our Endless Aisle program enables shoppers to purchase hard-to-find items using Internet-based in-store kiosks.’
      • ‘The kiosks are in 45 stores in Seattle and Austin, Tex., and are rolling out nationally.’
      • ‘On the home front, the company has started selling at shopping mall kiosks to extend its reach beyond the party circuit.’
      • ‘New movies could be downloaded at airport or mall kiosks.’
      • ‘Instead of attempting to sell ad space on kiosks to executives with no marketing budgets, he adopted a no-pressure approach to meetings.’
      • ‘Like its roughly 160 smaller kiosks, customers will be able to touch gadgets but cannot physically leave with them.’
      • ‘Microsoft is rolling out 50 multimedia kiosks at college career centers, offering students access to video archives from the past four years.’
      • ‘Contact the specialty leasing agent at the mall where you want to locate your cart / kiosk.’
      • ‘Electronic search engines located in kiosks outside the streetscape will direct attendees to the products serving their industry segments.’
      • ‘Internet kiosks will soon become mandatory for developers of areas of public convenience, like shopping centers.’
      • ‘The airline hopes to install 38 kiosks, beginning next April.’
      • ‘Kiosks within the special pavilion will offer visitors a range of opportunities from information gathering to making on-line transactions for products and services.’
      • ‘All of the kiosks in the branch are designed to aid in the transition to online banking.’
      • ‘Today, the information is available in Kannada, the local language, through 200 government-owned computer kiosks in administrative offices across the state.’
    2. 1.2British A telephone booth.
      • ‘The Committee had previously noted that discussions were ongoing to ensure that the location of telephone kiosks protected the city's historic environment and townscape views.’
      • ‘Mrs Sharp said she called for an ambulance from the telephone kiosk.’
      • ‘He said that after Corless saw her victim inside the store she went outside and hid in a telephone kiosk until the pensioner left the shop.’
      • ‘He went into the telephone kiosk in the station to make a call.’
      • ‘The charms included a pair of riding boots, a pair of rugby boots signifying when their son played his first game, a little church, a telephone kiosk and a gypsy caravan.’
    3. 1.3archaic (in Turkey and Iran) a light open pavilion or summerhouse.
      • ‘This take on the classic glass pavilion is no demonstration model for a transparent Utopia, nor is it an attempt to ‘frame’ the natural surroundings. It is a less formal design for a kiosk in the park beside Riesbach Harbour in Zürich.’
      • ‘Aynalikavak Pavilion and several other kiosks were built between 18th-19th centuries, and the complex was known by the people as the Shipyard Palaces.’
      gazebo, pavilion, belvedere, arbour, bower, pergola
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Early 17th century (in the sense ‘pavilion’): from French kiosque, from Turkish köşk ‘pavilion’, from Persian kuš.