Definition of kinsman in English:



  • (in anthropological or formal use) a man who is one of a person's blood relations.

    • ‘The death of any kinsman or woman from any cause might give rise to the hope of their spirit being reincarnated.’
    • ‘Male sanguma are kept with their kinsmen where they will be given every consideration so that they will not again wish to harm one of their kinsfolk.’
    • ‘Allow me to introduce you to my squire, and good kinsman, the noble Valerius de Aurelius.’
    • ‘The Yorkists fell victim in 1483-5 to two of the most common hazards to afflict a personal monarchy: a minority and a ruthlessly ambitious royal kinsman.’
    • ‘But when the pair finally met up with their enamored young kinsman, he was in no mood for fighting.’
    relative, relation, blood relation, blood relative, family member, one's own flesh and blood, next of kin
    cousin, uncle, nephew
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