Definition of kinglet in US English:



  • 1derogatory A minor king.

    • ‘The passage also reveals, incidentally, that an Ethiopian prince or kinglet ruled at that time over at least a province of South Arabia.’
    • ‘What we have is a collection of contemporaneous kinglets, not one strong king.’
  • 2North American A very small greenish bird with a bright orange or yellow crown.

    Genus Regulus, family Sylviidae: several species, e.g. the American golden-crowned kinglet (R. satrapa)

    • ‘These travellers would also leave the area later, but now they feasted on the abundance of wild berries and seeds, fuelling up for flight, their large presence dwarfing tiny resident ruby-crowned kinglets with their just as tiny voices.’
    • ‘Kinglets and chickadees worked the cedars nearby, and we were lucky enough to glimpse the scarlet streak atop one little kinglet's head.’
    • ‘Winter bird communities in pine forests of the southeastern United States are composed of residents and potentially large numbers of overwintering migrants, including sparrows, warblers, finches, kinglets, and woodpeckers.’
    • ‘And kinglets are one of the smallest songbirds, weighing in at around 6 or 7 grams, or the same weight as an American nickel and a dime.’
    • ‘A tiny kinglet just flitted through the branches, only a few feet from me.’