Definition of kingfish in US English:



  • 1Any of a number of large sporting fish, many of which are edible.

    • ‘Trio of hapuka, salmon and kingfish each individually prepared and presented on a large platter.’
    • ‘At night, as you dine by oil lamp on kingfish, pilau rice and tropical fruits, the fishing boats set forth once more like Viking ships, their prows cutting through the waves and paddles fighting with the swell.’
    • ‘The menu board also features Caribbean classics like oxtail stew, red snapper, kingfish and curried goat.’
    • ‘Even when promptly gutted, cleaned, cut into steaks or fillets and then shoved into ice, kingfish is best eaten the day it is caught.’
    • ‘At Jake's we had crab and akee on toast, followed by kingfish in coconut cream, and wondered whether to make an appointment with the bicycling masseur Joshua Stein.’
    1. 1.1 A fish of the jack family (Carangidae), including the yellowtail kingfish (Seriola grandis) of the South Pacific.
      • ‘The yellowtail kingfish and related species such as the yellowtail, amberjack and striped jack are commonly cultured in Japan.’
      • ‘Simon Griffiths proudly displays the 4.5kg yellow-tail kingfish he caught off Evans Head on Sunday.’
      • ‘However in New Zealand the species that is regularly targeted with poppers is the yellowtail kingfish.’
      • ‘In South Australia, there's a similar conflict of opinion over a different species, yellowtail kingfish.’
      • ‘When fishing for yellowtail kingfish with balloons, I use small water balloons as I have found the wind drag on bigger balloons can sometimes put too much stress on the livebait.’
    2. 1.2 A fish of the drum family (Menticirrhus saxatilis, family Sciaenidae), of the east coast of North America.
      • ‘Declining or rare animals include the whippoorwill, hooded warbler, eastern hognose snake, northern red salamander, and northern kingfish.’
      • ‘This family includes 200 or more species, some of whose members will be found under drum (another general name), kingfish, and meagre.’
      • ‘Schools of northern kingfish frequent sand, shell or gravel bottoms, especially near inlets, sand bars or along the edges of channels where they feed on worms, crabs and shrimp.’
      • ‘The northern kingfish has irregular dark bars on its sides, which the other species lacks.’
      • ‘On the Gulf Coast, there is another, less regal looking kingfish, but it is part of the drum family.’
    3. 1.3 A western Atlantic fish of the mackerel family (Scomberomorus cavalla, family Scombridae).
      • ‘King mackerel or kingfish are highly anticipated every spring and fall all along the St. Petersburg/Tampa Bay coast.’
      • ‘A single red snapper with thick, tubular lips, a pair of ugly-looking scorpion fish, a half-dozen pink-scaled mullet, the more streamlined grey bream and finally the kingfish, like an overgrown mackerel with a long pointed snout.’
      • ‘The kingfish we are talking about is the long and sleek mackerel.’
      • ‘Large pelagic fish such as kingfish (Scombridae), sailfish and marlin (Istiophoridae), shark (Carcharhinidae) and ray (Dasyatidae) are caught using lines, drift and bottom set gillnets.’
  • 2US informal A person regarded as an authority figure; an influential leader or boss.