Definition of king of the hill in English:

king of the hill


  • 1A children's game in which the object is to beat one's rivals to the top of a mound or other high place, and to keep possession of the place.

    1. 1.1A person who is in command or successful.
      ‘your daddy brags about you—you're king of the hill with him’
      • ‘Arnold knew it would be by far his toughest challenge to date and realized that he would have to take his physique to a new level to remain the king of the hill.’
      • ‘This one immediately makes you the king of the hill.’
      • ‘But now that he's king of the hill in the digital-music market, Jobs seems intent on grabbing share with a vengeance.’
      • ‘This self-esteem was more akin to that sense of self that made Sinatra sing about how swell it was to be king of the hill.’
      • ‘He was king of the hill, a man above all men, a hero with a broadsword or an Uzi.’