Definition of king's man in US English:

king's man


  • 1A supporter or follower of a king, especially a royalist. Also: specifically a supporter of the infant King James VI of Scotland, as opposed to Mary, Queen of Scots, during the civil war in Scotland (1568–73). Now historical.

  • 2In plural With the. Frequently with capital initial(s). (The name of) a company of actors under the patronage of James I of England (James VI of Scotland), for whom William Shakespeare wrote for most of his career. Now historical.

  • 3US. A person who supported the British cause at the time of the American War of Independence (1775–83). Now historical.

  • 4A member of King's College, Cambridge.

  • 5Originally slang. Usually as one word. A silk handkerchief or neckerchief, especially one traditionally worn by costermongers in the 19th cent. Now historical.

  • 6British Army. Now usually as one word. Originally: a member of the King's Regiment (now historical). In later use usually specifically: (a title for) a private soldier in the King's Regiment or (since 2006) the Duke of Lancaster's Regiment.


Old English; earliest use found in Letter to Edward the Elder. From the genitive of king + man.


king's man

/ˈkɪŋz man/