Definition of King's Bench in US English:

King's Bench


  • (in the UK) in the reign of a king, the term for Queen's Bench
    • ‘The case, in the end, turned on the unavailability, so it was thought by the King's Bench, of prohibition, where the order had already been carried into effect by confirmation by his Majesty the King.’
    • ‘In sum, confronted with two pornographic works, the King's Bench punished the forgiving one and forgave the punitive one.’
    • ‘It was a prison for debtors and for everyone sentenced by the Court of the King's Bench; those who could purchase the liberties had the benefit of walking through Blackman Street and in St George's Fields.’
    • ‘On October 19th, 1663, he was promoted to the Chief Justiceship of the King's Bench.’
    • ‘In the later eighteenth century, Lord Mansfield, Scottish-born Lord Chief Justice of the English Court of King's Bench, can even be said to have developed this form of oversight.’