Definition of kinetics in US English:


plural noun

  • 1usually treated as singular The branch of chemistry or biochemistry concerned with measuring and studying the rates of reactions.

    • ‘The physical chemist is concerned concerned with the rate of change in a substance, which is the study of reaction kinetics.’
    • ‘Artists rely on the structure provided by laws of kinetics and pattern and chemistry as much as on chance.’
    • ‘Chemical kinetics is the study of the rates of reactions and of the factors that determine the speed of a reaction.’
    • ‘In chemistry we talked about kinetics, and we had the Bunsens on to keep us warm.’
    • ‘It is possible to analyze the kinetics of a reaction using a very small amount of material.’
    1. 1.1usually treated as plural The rates of chemical or biochemical reaction.
      • ‘The relative stomatal response revealed identical kinetics during irradiation with white light or with light of defined quality.’
      • ‘Another important term used to characterize chemical reactions kinetics is ‘half-life.’’
      • ‘Only intercalating dyes exhibit decay kinetics simple enough to attempt a lifetime-based analytical procedure.’
      • ‘A mechanism for their deactivation is proposed based on two different conformers decaying with different kinetics.’
      • ‘He explained that the differences in the serum levels of the drug products do not necessarily indicate differences in quality, but do reflect their different kinetics.’
    2. 1.2Physics The study of forces acting on mechanisms.
      • ‘And as Ryman remembers, ‘It was a unique and successful program in applied heath sciences, human kinetics and leisure studies.’’