Definition of kindred spirit in US English:

kindred spirit


  • A person whose interests or attitudes are similar to one's own.

    ‘I longed to find a kindred spirit’
    • ‘But this 30-something Scotsman was fired by a patriotic zeal to help an underground organisation of kindred spirits devoted to one thing - haggis.’
    • ‘Two eight-year-olds, Julien and Sophie, are lonely kindred spirits.’
    • ‘Perhaps many young women don't see the relevance of a feminist struggle when their closest kindred spirits are men and not earlier generations of feminists.’
    • ‘To the surprise of Johnny and Sarah, they have all found a friend, a kindred spirit.’
    • ‘Out of a desire to find kindred spirits for this aspect of my personality, last month I enrolled in a bushcraft course at Wellington's Tararua Tramping Club.’
    • ‘We've managed all these years to maintain a strong group of kindred spirits.’
    • ‘‘I would have to say they should look for kindred spirits in other scenes or other labels,’ says Bauld.’
    • ‘Over the past several months I've maintained correspondence with a few people whom I now regard as valued muses and kindred spirits.’
    • ‘We were kindred spirits - we loved taking our caravan and walking in the Lake District and Scotland.’
    • ‘Did you make any friends in the Air Force, meet any kindred spirits?’
    • ‘In fact walkers are indeed kindred spirits - sharing a deep respect and reverence for the landscape, culture and heritage of the area.’
    • ‘He declined photographic commissions and solo exhibitions during the early 1930s, even when proposed by friends or kindred spirits.’
    • ‘She said she had been nervous going to the classes because she thought everyone would be in Lycra and leotards, but soon found some kindred spirits.’
    • ‘Indeed, many of his subjects seem to be his friends or, at very least, kindred spirits.’
    • ‘Janis wasn't so bad, she was a schizophrenic like me so, with her, it was a question of being kindred spirits.’
    • ‘Roth was almost a kindred spirit, but his attitude toward life came from simply not caring, instead of the malicious pleasure Eric found in destruction.’
    • ‘How could I recognise a kindred spirit, a possible friend?’
    • ‘As it was, I got to meet a lot of people I'd only heard about, represent my local indie bookstore, and generally feel like I was in a space among friends or at least kindred spirits.’
    • ‘My other reason is selfish I guess, maybe I'm using it as a litmus test to uncover kindred spirits that enjoy the same things that I do.’
    • ‘We spoke almost every day, we shared our writing, wrote together, drew attention, caused havoc on the town and she even ventured to call us kindred spirits.’


kindred spirit

/ˈkindrid ˈspirit/