Definition of kicker in English:



  • 1A person or animal that kicks.

    • ‘Hulton said that when the pipes were laid in the ground nine years before he was told navvies were hard workers, hard drinkers, hard swearers, and hard kickers, but he did not believe it.’
    • ‘The kicker cannot kick and walk at the same time and therefore he is required to stop each time that he kicks, a continually moving target will really frustrate most attempts to kick.’
    • ‘I found something quite significant while watching the tapes: the best underwater kickers don't kick parallel to the surface.’
    • ‘Now, with those wars long past, both the puppy kickers and the apple-pie lovers are being trumped by the art historians - who want to give Rockwell a higher position in the pantheon of American art.’
    1. 1.1 The player in a team who scores by kicking or who kicks to gain positional advantage.
      • ‘Add it all up, and that's barely an hour a day meeting and practicing with special teams players other than the kicker and punter.’
      • ‘He tells his players there are no kickers on his team - no specialists.’
      • ‘This will eliminate unapproved high kicking tees that kickers have used to give their forwards a high hanging ball.’
      • ‘Archibald found himself lining up the kick as normal kicker Noble had lost a contact lens in the build-up to the score.’
      • ‘Some people don't even consider kickers football players because so few take or deliver hits.’
      • ‘On the other side Kilkenny's kickers had the kind of day any kicker dreads.’
      • ‘But he didn't panic and his third effort, from a very tight angle for a left-footed kicker, flew between the posts.’
      • ‘Like all kickers, you have good days and bad days, and I have no hesitation in saying Saturday was obviously a good day, and I enjoyed it.’
      • ‘Naturally left-footed, Southwell has now become one of the main kickers, for club and country, in defence and attack.’
      • ‘Don't be surprised if the team signs a premier kicker and/or punter.’
      • ‘He started out as a defender, moved to midfield and remained there in high school - where he was also the kicker for the football team.’
      • ‘These kickers can kick long fields goals, play with good offenses and do not miss many kicks.’
      • ‘The team is replacing its kicker, punter and top returner.’
      • ‘And while neither side managed to cross the line for a try both had excellent kickers.’
      • ‘Joe was the kicker for our football team and had a very skinny frame.’
      • ‘The Titans line up to kick off once again, but this time their kicker isn't wearing a jersey because he thinks it was bad luck last time around.’
      • ‘Slipping on a kick is a kicker's nightmare because once you slip there's nothing you can do.’
      • ‘The quarterback specializes in throwing, wide receivers catch, running backs run, lineman block and kickers kick, but none of them are experts in all areas.’
      • ‘They rolled him onto his back and I realized that it was Tom Jackson, the kicker for the football team.’
      • ‘I was a punter, the kicker, I kicked the extra points.’
  • 2North American informal An unexpected and often unpleasant discovery or turn of events.

    ‘the kicker was you couldn't get a permit’
    • ‘Then came the kicker: ‘I got kicked out of my own apartment,’ he recalls.’
    • ‘But here's the kicker: Qualitative change in adulthood isn't inevitable.’
    • ‘And there's a kicker at the end, as cleverly foreshadowed by this link…’
    • ‘This brings us to the economic kicker: surely, as the capabilities of the drone increase, so will its cost.’
    • ‘Now here's the kicker: the social exchange version of the problem doesn't just activate this left-brain network.’
    • ‘In any event, the kicker will be what Costello is waiting gleefully to exploit: how will they pay for it?’
    • ‘But here's the kicker, we market it straight at kids.’
    • ‘But here's the kicker: this character investment greatly augments the action scenes.’
    • ‘Here's the kicker: she moved to Hollywood, changed her name, and became Ann Sothern.’
    • ‘But here's the real kicker - the diseased prions took much longer to transform the artificial prions into diseased prions.’
    1. 2.1 An extra clause in a contract.
      ‘Hale added a kicker to the mortgage’
      • ‘Many investors like to buy investment trusts, as investing when discounts are large can add a extra kicker to their returns.’
      • ‘This means there is no extra performance kicker from your option - if the market goes up or down 10 per cent, the value of your equity option goes up or down the exact same amount.’
      • ‘However, there's no reason to suspect that long-term interest rates will continue to fall, meaning that bond investors will no longer get that extra kicker in their returns.’
  • 3informal A small outboard motor.

    • ‘Mount a kicker to your transom without marring up the back of your boat with screw-down clamps.’
    • ‘There are a couple reasons for wanting to install an auxiliary outboard (or ‘kicker’ engine) on a boat.’
  • 4(in poker) a high third card retained in the hand with a pair at the draw.

    • ‘They hold kickers, prefer aces over jacks, and even try to bluff the machine.’
    • ‘First and last can be collected on all bids except kickers, bloncos, and bull solos.’
    • ‘If kicker cards are paired the effect is cumulative.’
    • ‘I started out with a pair of queens and a 9 kicker, and came in raising.’
    • ‘One pair - two cards of one rank accompanied by a kicker.’