Definition of kick up a fuss (or a stink) in US English:

kick up a fuss (or a stink)


  • Object loudly or publicly to something.

    • ‘Councillors in Ulverston are kicking up a stink about the amount of litter in the town.’
    • ‘A husband and wife kicked up a stink after discovering raw sewage in their street.’
    • ‘So if you disapprove of this approach to public artworks, now is the time to start kicking up a stink.’
    • ‘I didn't think that it would be a big problem but he really kicked up a fuss when I told him about the accident.’
    • ‘People need to shop around and not be afraid of kicking up a fuss if they feel dissatisfied.’
    • ‘Residents in Witham are again kicking up a stink over the aroma emanating from the town's sewage works.’
    • ‘It is the liberal elite, not the public, that kicks up a fuss about gay MPs.’
    • ‘And if schoolkids are being prevented from using this forum then it is time we all kicked up a stink.’
    • ‘If he kicks up a fuss, you know there's more to the relationship than meets the eye.’
    • ‘This woman kicked up a fuss and demanded to be moved to another table.’