Definition of kick someone around in US English:

kick someone around

phrasal verb

  • Treat someone roughly or without respect.

    • ‘I spent four years in the army to free a bunch of Dutchmen and Frenchmen, and I'm hanged if I'm going to let the Alabama version of the Germans kick me around when I get home.’
    • ‘But 10 days ago a pitiless thug broke into her home, kicked her around like a football and stole her life savings.’
    • ‘She tied me up to the tree and started kicking me around until I lost my consciousness.’
    • ‘Four armed men forced him out of the car, put a bag over his head after kicking him around and threw him into a minivan.’
    • ‘Why are conservative pundits still kicking him around?’
    • ‘I've already taken a few knocks and expect to get kicked about a bit, but I can deal with it.’
    • ‘Once she learned I wasn't going to hit her or kick her around, she thought she could get away with murder.’
    • ‘Looks like whoever did this kicked him around, I suspect some of his ribs are at least cracked.’
    • ‘Talk about excessive force: they subdue the guy and then continue to beat him up and kick him around.’
    • ‘You've been kicking us around for three years, and we've had enough of it.’
    abuse, mistreat, maltreat, treat disrespectfully, treat inconsiderately, push about, push around, boss about, boss around, trample on, take for granted
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