Definition of kick-ass in US English:



North American
  • 1attributive Forceful, vigorous, and aggressive.

    ‘he's a kick-ass guy who takes no prisoners’
    ‘a kick-ass foreign policy’
    • ‘Those in search of a film that offers wall-to-wall samplings of gory, kick-ass action will find it here.’
    • ‘It wants to be the most kick-ass action movie you've ever seen.’
    • ‘And for the middle hour of the movie, there is some kick-ass bloodshed.’
    • ‘Sure, if you want to find a kick-ass, gung-ho, redneck moron you'll find one easily; but you don't have to travel to America to do that.’
    • ‘It had this kick-ass barbarian guy on it, and he meant business.’
    • ‘These are kick-ass movies, but hardly what you would call great filmmaking.’
    • ‘There is no soundtrack, no kick-ass guitar music to suck us into the lifestyle, just a blue sky, some distant shouting and the occasional applause.’
    • ‘Get your muscles swelling with these nine kick-ass fitness vacations.’
    • ‘Glasgow needs the Giuliani model of kick-ass leadership.’
    • ‘It's all kick-ass attitude and style without any substance to back it up.’
    • ‘These were serious, kick-ass nails, baby, and built to last.’
    1. 1.1 Extremely good or impressive; excellent.
      ‘I will be a kick-ass management coach’
      ‘that song is totally kick-ass’
      • ‘There should have been a big, kick-ass parade.’
      • ‘For the young recruits, it was the kick-ass adventure of a lifetime!’
      • ‘He sure can compose a kickass rock song.’
      • ‘You bought it because it is a kickass database engine that allows you to more easily and efficiently manage business processes.’
      • ‘I'm now the proud new owner of a truly kick-ass stereo.’
      • ‘The album is kick-ass.’
      • ‘He must have done a kick-ass audition, because he did not impress me at all on stage.’
      • ‘This place is kickass, simply the place to be.’
      • ‘The movie was totally kickass.’
      • ‘The film's kick-ass finale is merely a fantasy solution.’