Definition of kettle corn in English:

kettle corn


  • Popcorn that is sweetened with sugar during cooking.

    • ‘J-Manly and I ate a whole bowl of kettle corn before it even made it out of the kitchen.’
    • ‘The microwave oven: cumbersome but convenient for making some tasty kettle corn?’
    • ‘Microwave kettle corns are sweetened with the synthetic-but-safe sugar substitute sucralose.’
    • ‘As she carried a tray of beer, an ice cream sandwich, and a bag of kettle corn, the septuagenarian usher decided to sweat her presence in the upper deck.’
    • ‘It has caramel apples and kettle corn and hot apple cider and thick stadium blankets.’
    • ‘To keep the upper hand, caterers attempt to differentiate by offering not just the fanciest feasts, but smoothie bars, kettle corn, pasta stations, and on-site pizza ovens.’
    • ‘A bag of kettle corn, both caramel-sweet and slightly salty, grabbed from local street vendors was delicious.’