Definition of keratotomy in US English:



  • A surgical operation involving cutting into the cornea of the eye. The most common form is radial keratotomy, performed to correct myopia.

    • ‘Radial keratotomy, which involves making deep incisions in the cornea, is rarely performed today.’
    • ‘Myopia has been corrected for many years by radial keratotomy (radial corneal incisions), though this has few proponents in Britain.’
    • ‘Long-sightedness can also be treated more permanently with radial keratotomy.’
    • ‘For readers out there considering eye surgery, PRK or LASIK is superior to radial keratotomy.’
    • ‘Although a considerable improvement over radial keratotomy, the healing of the corneal surface after PRK sometimes resulted in scarring and haze in the central cornea, and this resulted in suboptimal vision.’