Definition of Kenyan in US English:



  • Relating to Kenya or its people.

    ‘a Kenyan runner who benefits from training at a higher altitude’
    • ‘Their goal is to raise the profile and competitiveness of Kenyan horticultural exports on European markets.’
    • ‘His dad is Kenyan, his mother American.’
    • ‘The first time I was in a Kenyan household I was greeted warmly, given a place to sit, and made to feel at home.’
    • ‘Responsibilities were equitably distributed in African traditional societies, notes Omini, a Kenyan historian.’
    • ‘In 2003, eight of the world's nine top marathoners were Kenyan.’
    • ‘She is a Kenyan national who worked with women's groups in Kenya for more than a decade.’
    • ‘Jewelry is another Kenyan art form, and includes elaborate silver and gold bracelets and various forms of colorful beadwork.’


  • A native or inhabitant of Kenya, or a person of Kenyan descent.

    ‘Kenyans turned out in droves to donate blood’
    • ‘He is a third-generation Kenyan whose parents won fame as palaeontologists and archaeologists focusing on the search for the origins of human life.’
    • ‘Kenyans tend to identify primarily with their tribe or ethnic group, and only secondarily with the nation as a whole.’
    • ‘He said many young Kenyans will have access to funding for artistic projects.’
    • ‘Along with creating new governance arrangements, the constitution seeks to give all Kenyans a shared stake in the country's future.’
    • ‘We have a post-graduate IT specialist who's a Kenyan.’
    • ‘The overall winner was also a Kenyan, John Korir.’
    • ‘Most Kenyans are multilingual and speak at least three languages.’