Definition of kegger in English:


(also keg party)


  • 1A party at which beer is served, typically from kegs.

    • ‘So if anyone out there is thinking of throwing a kegger, I urge you to remember this event and think twice about where you go.’
    • ‘They'll deny it to the day they die, but if my parents met any other way than by stumbling drunkenly into each other at some kegger, I'll eat my shoe.’
    • ‘He wouldn't look at all out of place at a campus kegger.’
    • ‘That night we heard rumor of a kegger in a nearby small town.’
    • ‘They are 22-year-old college students who should be studying for finals and going to keggers.’
    • ‘Sleeping in a one-bedroom apartment with fraternity keggers going on outside is good for pampered big leaguers, anyway.’
    • ‘One of the students in his hall was having a small kegger with whatever he'd managed to sneak past the Resident Hall Assistant.’
    • ‘I had a different set of values, and I wasn't really content with going to the Friday night kegger.’
    • ‘The party started as a sober event but that's boring, so now, like so many keggers, it is riddled with intoxicants.’
    • ‘And the post-prom kegger was the wildest of the year, even by Cliff's standards.’
    • ‘Also, at your first kegger you may not like beer.’
    • ‘If you want to host a kegger against your roommates' wishes, don't do it!’
    social gathering, gathering, social occasion, social event, social function, function, get-together, celebration, reunion, festivity, jamboree, reception, at-home, soirée, social
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    1. 1.1 A keg of beer.
      • ‘Skye was a devout opposer of alcoholic beverages and spent much of her time at the parties lecturing on how they were all breaking the underage drinking law with the keggers that were faithfully donated every night.’
      • ‘Now where's that kegger you were talking about?’
      • ‘Oh, and there will be beer, too - a kegger, actually - if the promise of skimpy costumes is not enough of a draw.’
      • ‘Then, and only then, can we all crack open a kegger and enjoy the results.’