Definition of Kegel exercise in US English:

Kegel exercise


  • An exercise to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles, in which the levator muscles are squeezed and held for five seconds, then released for five seconds, for a number of repetitions. They are used to treat urinary incontinence, or to prepare for or recover from childbirth.

    • ‘Indeed, the combination of Kegel exercises and medications results in better control of incontinence than either treatment alone.’
    • ‘She recommends adding Kegel exercises - contractions of the muscles that control urine flow - to your regular strength-training program.’
    • ‘Women who leak urine may have better control of these muscles by doing pelvic muscle exercises called Kegel exercises.’
    • ‘Doctors recommend urinating regularly, drinking plenty of water and cutting back on acidic beverages, in addition to doing Kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic-floor muscles.’
    • ‘When treating a female patient with stress incontinence, many physicians consider only Kegel exercises and surgery.’


From California physician Dr. Arnold Kegel, who advocated such exercises from the late 1940s.


Kegel exercise