Definition of keep up with in US English:

keep up with

phrasal verb

  • 1Learn about or be aware of (current events or developments).

    • ‘It must be both fascinating and frustrating to be a medical doctor and have to keep up with all the research and new evidence that may be against accepted practices.’
    • ‘It is a place where pensioners meet other pensioners and keep up with news.’
    • ‘In order to keep up with current events throughout the world, I watch the news in the morning.’
    • ‘He thinks that some professionals aren't keeping up with the latest developments.’
    • ‘His work was based on the mathematics he learnt as a student and he appears not to have kept up with new developments.’
    • ‘Somewhere along the way he admits that he became disillusioned with the art world and, though he keeps up with its developments, he has not lifted a paintbrush in years.’
    • ‘Keeping up with science is probably easier than keeping up with current affairs.’
    • ‘She kept up with all the news of the day and took a keen interest in local and national events.’
    • ‘I keep up with news and current events, and love interacting with people in new situations.’
    • ‘She may have been far from clever, but she certainly kept up with all the palace's gossip.’
    keep informed about, keep up to date with, keep in touch with, not lose track of, keep abreast of, keep an eye on, learn about, retain an interest in
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    1. 1.1 Continue to be in contact with (someone).
      • ‘Then we were chatting more, and eventually keeping up with each other outside of work.’
      • ‘I kept up with Timmy for a while, but as often happens, once we no longer saw each other weekly, the emails became less and less frequent until they stopped.’
      • ‘It was very interesting to see how people were doing, but there were no surprise recognitions of people I should really have kept up with and haven't.’
      • ‘They each spend about seven to 10 hours a week keeping up with all of their contacts.’
      • ‘We were loved and cherished by the most extraordinary teachers, whom I actually kept up with in later life.’
      • ‘We had all visited him regularly to keep up with each other, and I for one, wrote a letter to him every week.’
      • ‘I haven't kept up with either of them, but I hear from them and every once in a while I'll see Brad on the circuit.’
      remain in contact with, stay in touch with, maintain contact with, remain in correspondence with, remain in communication with, keep up one's friendship with, remain acquainted with
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